Hide Folder

This is a software for hide folder on your SD card. Original creator of Hide Folder is Taurnil. This is my own version with lots of improvement, also written in PHP.

Hide Folder v2.2

Hide Folder Hide Folder


  1. Hide and show folder.
  2. Works with sub directories.
  3. Support whitespace on your folder.
  4. Password protection.


  1. Install this mpkg and set it as root (you can use Phoneware Manager). You need PHP first to use it, so go download PHP Loader and install it. After that, the application should works fine. After you able to run this software, you will be prompted for creating password. It is recommended to create it immediately. This software is easy to use, i'm sure you will understand after explore it a little. Remember, the hidden folder is started with dot (.) and will show in top. It is also useful to read the help. :)

Click here to download