Black & White List

This is a software for block call from blacklisted number or only receive call from whitelisted number. Actually, it just a GUI version of ezxphoneassist made by psysun, also the GUI version has been created by DDSH sometime ago. This is my own version written in PHP.

Black & White List

Black&White List


  1. Block call from blacklisted number or non-whitelisted number.
  2. Manage number list with easy and fast, you can even add multiple number divided with whitespace.


  1. Install this mpkg and set it as root (you can use Phoneware Manager). You need PHP first to use it, so go download PHP Loader and install it. After that, the application should works fine. You can add, remove and edit number list easily. Just highlight the number, then choose Option, then you can choose what you want to do. Changing between white and black mode also as easy as a single click.

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