Autorun Manager

This is an application that let you easily managing your autorun script. This application is actually created for Revival project (which has been aborted) and now I make it as standalone application.

Autorun Manager 0.5

Autorun Manager


  1. Manage autorun script easily. You can choose which script to be executed and which not.
  2. Included an editor for editing/creating the autorun script.
  3. Multilingual. You can add your language string to the ~/.system/QTDownLoad/AutorunManager/langs folder.
  4. You can reorder the executed script.


  1. You need PHP to run this application, if you don't have PHP yet, you can use PHP Loader. This application require you to have a basic knowledge of Linux shell script if you want to create your autorun script, but it is not necessary if you just want to managing your autorun using the ready script. Check Options -> Help for complete reference of each menu.


  1. For developer that need to use autorun on their application, we also give a command line PHP script to give you abilities to manage autorun (like this application do) on your application. See README for more information.

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