Software Lists

Wall Changer

Wall Changer is a software to change your wallpaper for every boot automatically.

Advanced Volume Editor

Advanced Volume Editor is a software to modify your volumetable (ezx_volumetable.cfg), such as adjust to a bigger volume or improve the sound quality easier, directly with your phone. The interesting thing is the value of volumetable is similar like equalizer, but it wasn't the equalizer itself. It didn't change significantly like equalizer, but we can improve it a little, like more bass or treble.

Block The Thief

Block The Thief is a program for sending message to desired number and to show some pop up message, when the phone applied by undesired SIM. At first, Block The Thief is aimed to fix SMS Alarm by arctu, that based from the feature of The One beta firmware, but soon it will be improved with more feature.


SD SMS is a software to change your SMS storage to SD. This also include everything in main.db, such as contacts, FM presets, etc.

Backup Tools

Backup Tools is a software to backup and restore some important files you need. This is useful before flashing, so you won't loss your data anymore.

Advanced Font Editor

Advanced Font Editor is a software to modify your *.ini files from your current skin. It changes the font configuration like size and color.

PHP Loader

PHP Loader is a software to make a PHP script executeable on your ROKR E2. The PHP binary is compiled by arctu. With PHP, we can developt a more complex application and faster.

Java HS

This is a software for managing heap size of each java application installed on your phone. We still don't know what the best number to set, nor the meaning of the number, but it did faster your java and sometime solve out of memory problem.

Black & White List

This is a software for block call from blacklisted number or only receive call from whitelisted number. Actually, it just a GUI version of ezxphoneassist made by psysun, also the GUI version has been created by DDSH sometime ago. This is my own version written in PHP.

Hide Folder

This is a software for hide folder on your SD card. Original creator of Hide Folder is Taurnil. This is my own version with lots of improvement, also written in PHP.

Advanced Menu Organizer

This is an application that let you easily organizing your phone menus. It can move application/game icon from one folder to another folder and more.

Autorun Manager

This is an application that let you easily managing your autorun script. This application is actually created for Revival project (which has been aborted) and now I make it as standalone application.