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Friday, 22 December 2006

Warning: There is no "dummies" protection in that software, so be careful.
The names of the code groups will be named in the following format: CG[number]_0x[start address hex].smg. For example CG34_0x001A0000.smg.

You have to disasemble SBF and then change there CG to your checksums of AP (CG31 and higher, 16 бит) counting right.
We have a problem with 32 checksums - few matches and few do not

1. Split sbf
2. Replace code groups
3. Save new sbf

Download HERE

Additional info: you can dissasemble marked CRAMFS,but you canot asemble yet. Devices marking by .dev files contains i_rdev

For your convenience - here are the addresses of all codegroups (calculated from 45p, but should be the same for others):
RDL3 - A0DE0000
RDL1 - 03FC8000
CG0 - 10080000
CG1 - 100800C8
CG2 - 10390000
CG3 - 10040000
CG7 - 10350000
CG18 - 10330000
CG31 - 00060000
CG32 - 00080000
CG33 - 000A0000
CG34 - 001A0000
CG35 - 00AA0000
CG36 - 010A0000
CG37 - 01CA0000
CG39 - 01CE0000
CG41 - 01DE0000
CG42 - 025E0000
CG43 - 02600000

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