Portuguese Perfection Rokr II SDHC
Thursday, 25 June 2009

Great new portuguese MP by Th!@go! The kernel is iLove3d SDHC V3 NavOK Fix.

Supports txt, ini, c, cfg, phm, chm, java, log, conf, types, net, lst, MTF, tar, gz, ins, skin.rar, rar, skin.zip, zip, lin, sh, tgz ttf, bz2, SMG, php, desktop, XML, inf and dat
Many latest versions applications are available; however most in portuguese.
Casseopeya by Morrow
Tuesday, 09 December 2008
This monster pack is a mix between 45P and 48P. It has much free memory (~11MB RAM) and stands very stable (at least on my phone). The speed is more than good - maybe one of the fastest MPs I've ever seen.

Motorola ROKR E2

One of the biggest differences from the regular MPs is the method of mounting system files:
1. In the "addressbook" folder you can upload the libezxaddrbkeng file;
2. In the "flexbit" folder you can add custom ezx_flexbit.cfg;
3. In the "font" folder you can add a file AMCSL.TTF, which will be your new font;
4. "iTap" contains ru.km, ws002d.km and LxS_iTAP_Dict_Russian.bin (Russian dict), en-us.km and LxS_iTAP_Dict_AmericanEnglish.bin (English), zh-cn.km and LxS_iTAP_Dict_Chinese_Simplified_GB2312.bin (Chinese);
5. "picture" contains file ROKR.png which is your default wallpaper;
6. "poweroff" - splash_powerdown_ani_full.gif;
7. "poweron" - splash_powerup_ani_full.gif;
8. "ringtones" - your melodies/ringtones. Name them Message.mp3, Ring.mp3 and Silence.mp3;
9. "sounds" contains the system sounds. You can change/delete them;
10. "string" shows which languages are available for the phone. For example if you wish to delete the Chinese or Russian languages - just delete the folder and it will be gone (additionally delete the iTap files!);
11. "volumetable" stores the popular ezx_volumetable.cfg;
12. "vui" - contains the voice commands. You can change them easily.

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