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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Great new portuguese MP by Th!@go! The kernel is iLove3d SDHC V3 NavOK Fix.

Supports txt, ini, c, cfg, phm, chm, java, log, conf, types, net, lst, MTF, tar, gz, ins, skin.rar, rar, skin.zip, zip, lin, sh, tgz ttf, bz2, SMG, php, desktop, XML, inf and dat
Many latest versions applications are available; however most in portuguese.
Download HERE

Note: Along with the file of the SBF MP, vcs will find a folder called extra files, is kaleidoscope.mpkg lah, this serves to disable the mpkg Kaleidoscope of MP, for whom it wants in the Kaleidoscope, install in the phone memory and permission to change the root, it takes a while to install.

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