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Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Please note that it is raw and stock firmware. It is not recommended for newbies, because it locks a lot of phone functions.

Installation instructions:

A. Flashing the BP part
To enter BP flash mode, hold VR key and insert battery(or apply power) then press power key, when red screen appeared, then release the VR key and press VR key again, it will display "USB BP Pass Through Mode", that means you have entered into the BP flash mode.
1. Flash the BP phone code:
    If your phone version is R564_G_12.00.23P or above, please flash R564_G_12.06.41P_flash_dev_flash.shx
    If your phone's version is lower than R564_G_12.00.23P, you must use the R564_G_12.06.41P_flash_dev_rom.shx to flash your phone
Please follow below step to upgrade your phone
       s1. Backup your Phasing data(Sumatra_Default_Phasing_Data_13R.nvm)
       s2. Download the eraser superfile Barbados_Martinique_production_Eraser.shx, then flash it into the phone
       s3. Download the Blanking superfile(R564_G_12.06.41P_flash_dev_rom.shx), then flash it into phone
       s4. Resotore your phasing data
       s5. Flex BP Manufacturing flex version 02C
2. Flex BP non-manufacturing flex version 02C, you need to select the flex model that you should flex according to your own requirement

B. Flashing the AP part
To enter AP flash mode, Hold VR key and insert battery(or apply power) and press power key, red screen will appear and display MBM FLASH MODE
Please be noted that this flash step is only for P6 or above phone, we won't provide P5 or blow phone support any more
    S1. If your phone's version is lower than R564_G_12.00.21P or your boot version is not BOOT_G_00.02.05R_SUMATRA, flash R564_G_12.00.21P_gsm_sumatra_mbm_flash.sbf
    S2.  For P6 or above phone, flash R564_G_12.06.41P_gsm_sumatra_flash.sbf
    S3. If you want to use other flex different from the default release, please flash the flex according to your requirement. Please refer below "AP and BP flex part" to get more flex information.(This step is optional)

C. 1ff flash step
If you use WIG/BIG tool generated the 1ff, please make sure blow steps before you flash the 1ff
    S1. If above BP flash steps requires flash superfile with filename with keyword "rom", you need flash the BP rom superfile before the 1ff
    S2. If above AP flash steps requires flash mbm superfile, you need flash mbm superfile before the 1ff
    S3. Enter AP flash mode, flash the 1ff

D. Flex:
GIZSMTR000EUR02  GSM::R5.6.4::E2::Europe Integration Model - Sumatra

Download HERE

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