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Sunday, 17 December 2006

Here comes the next firmware number for Motorola ROKR E2 - 45P (English + Chineese langpack).

There are no big differences between 43P and 45P, except that most probably 45P it is more stable. Also it definetly have much better camera capture quality - the best compared to all older firmwares.  Installation is standart using RSD Lite. This is modded version with increased volume. Enjoy

Download the E2 45p ilove3d VII HERE
New stuff from VI to VII - now you can just copy the following files myfont.ttf / ezx_volumetable.cfg / ui_start_up_mono.wav in to filemanager in folder MyFavor and there is no need for editing of startup.txt. There is "apply skin" option in Themes, which is another way to choose skin/template

 For those who want older release (more stock-like) you can download ilove3d VI HERE

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