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Sunday, 13 September 2009

-From Stock R564_G_12.00.4AP Firmware
-iLove3d's Kernel SDHC V3 with 4GB SD Card support
-busyBox v1.8.3
-Enabled all equalizer presets
- Supports ext2, ext3, swap, and squashfs, multikeypress, loop
-Supports telnet, ftp, samba protocol
-Option for APMD change (Default APMD is 104/208/312)
-Kaleidoscope mode ON-OFF option from zero f/w by Mohamed David
-Camera resolution is now up to 8x Zoom(120x160-240x320-600x800-1024x1280.
-Video Camera Resolution is : 128x96-176x144-320x240
-Font folder in File Manager with 4 preloaded font
-no known SMS bugs
-Qplayer for flv, mpg video.
-Soflock ("c"+"*") function in VR button
-Mounts Partitions And SwapFiles at PowerON
-My_FAVOR for customize ezx_volumetable.cfg, APMD, myfont.ttf, ezx_flexbit.cfg.
-rokrFile by Mohamed David Execute and view scripts: .lin .sh .mtf .ins, Extract .rar .tar .gz .zip .7z .bz2, Install packages .skin.zip .skin.rar
-My_Lnguage for customize language(vui for voice cmd,string for lang.)
-View option for system files.
-Fonts folder in File Manager for customize font
-Supports synchronization
-Three themes.
-Menu for facebook in office tools(option for login directly in facebook)

Included below apps:
-Stop watch
-SwapFile Manager
-Over Clock
-E2TextEditorX by NestorM
-Open with
-Display Time
-Menu Setup
-Link sys
-System Info
-Skin editor
-soft manager
-Autorun Manager
-Font Changer
-Java heap size
-SD Tools
-Volume Editor
-End Session
-E2-Menu from Zero f/w
-Day light saving for Bangladeshi users
-Free Space 10.4 MB
Download HERE

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