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Sunday, 19 April 2009
Tyrano series by Mohamed David:

Motorola ROKR E2
.-Based on R564_G_12.00.4AP Stock
.-One of the more fast fw's in the history of ROKR E2
.-All iLove3d's improvements
.-Supports syncronization with MPT in Kaleidoscope-Non Kaleidoscope Mode
.-Added New Show* Binaries from Revival Project
.-BusyBox v1.8.3 (2008-04-04 17:20:20 CST)
.-Enabled all eq presets
.-The more fast iLove3d Kernel, iLove3d Kernel V2 ( supports: ext2, ext3, swap, multikeypress, NON SDHC 4GB SD Card, loop, and squashfs )
.-MotoID Enabled and working
.-Websessions of Movistar Argentina
.-Supports TELNET/SAMBA/FTP connections
.-APMD Stock! (104/208/312)
.-Can Activate Screen3 (Orange Menu) without reboot!
.-Camera with 8x Zoom!, Resolutions changed to 1280x1024-1024x768-800x600-640x480.
.-Video Camera Resolution Changed to : 320x240-176x144
.-Change function of right button of the photo preview, now says "discard" in place of "Send", much more efficient!!
.-Gain_Table and Param_Table mod by me for the Tyrano Series Fw's

Much more details are available in our forums!
Download HERE

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