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Sunday, 03 August 2008
Great firmware by mati77 that is build completely from stock firmware 49P.

Up to 100% faster applications!
Fixed messages loading issue that is seen in many firmwares
Phone without sim card
Skins from SD card
Smooth video playback
Radio without earphones!
Sync with Motorola Phone Tools
Voice recognition included. Reading messages
Intel Xcale tool
Completely redesigned SD Manager
Skins Manager tool
8x camera zoom!
Vibration without sound on low battery
ilove3d Kernel v1
Utilities (PhoneWareManager, System Info, Intel Xscale, SD Manager, LoadSDskin, Desktop visuals, Lights control, Refresh phone, Reboot, Fotoren, LinkSYS, BootGreetings, Print screen, EFEM)
Skins: OP, Revolution, Alkali (stock)
MotoID working and stock games
Descompresor of rar; zip; tar; tar.gz files
Download Standart version HERE

Download Kaleidoscope version HERE

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