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Friday, 21 September 2007

Better to share late than never: 

A firmware based on 48P SELF V2

- LP All in One. default only English, you can install your language by using file manager to click *.ins file. Please Reboot after install.
- All Eq Presets Enabled
- Lots of media - pictures, rigntones (RingClassic, RingMp3Plus... many more)
- Standart Z6 skin mod; Aten: one of the most perfect themes made by softmetal; Crystal blue: Ilove3d mades this theme, with many peoples help, and the CrystalSVG icons
- ilove3d_kernel_v1: support non-SHDC-4GB SD card, multikeypress, ext2, ext3, loop
- Tool Box: SnapShot, Phoneware Man (MPKG Manager, JAVA Domain, SoftRename), System Status, ScreenSaver, Setup Timeout, Testboot, Powerup Notify, LinSYS, SD Manager, Refesh Phone.
- My_FAVOR folder: you can put apmd, ezx_volumetable.cfg, myfont.ttf, issue.net into this folder then reboot to overclock, change volume, change font...

Download HERE

and much more info in our forums (check the link below)...

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