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Sunday, 27 May 2007

Information from the author:

This program backups and restores .system folder in your SD card
(all mpkg and Java applications installed on your SD card)


When you use it, it looks for a previously made backup file. If it can't find any previous backup then a backup of .system folder is made at your memory card's root folder (/mmc/mmca1/).
If it finds one or more previous backups, it restores the most recent backup found. After that, the cellphone is rebooted automatically to update the applications in your menu.
Don't worry, The program will tell you what it's doing. (Backup started, Backup finished, system folder not found, Restore started, "Restore finished now rebooting", things like those) I had to use mp3 voice alerts... I pray for getting the SDK someday

The backup file is a TAR file with the following name:


DD = day
MM = month
AA = year
HH = hours
mm = minutes

You must keep the file name if you want to use this backup file with this application.

1- When you restore a previously made backup your .system folder in your SD card will be erased and replaced with backup file's contents. So, please keep the backup file in another folder while you don't need to make any restore.
2- Please Be patient, sometimes backup and restore processes may spend some time, it depends on the quantity and size of the apps you've installed in your SD card. Please let the cellphone idle while you're using this program.

Download HERE


de Colombia pal mundo

to install the program, remove the .doc extension and install it using the file manager on your phone... don't forget, it must be installed in phone memory

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