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Thursday, 05 April 2007

SMSALARM reported by SJJ
Adapted from The One FIRMWARE.
Edited by arctu for compatibility.

SMSALARM is a system that will check on the phone startup if your the sim card imsi matches the one on the list. If not, it will send an SMS to the list of numbers to alarm, hence the name!

Installation instructions:
1. Create a file .my_imsis in your home folder (e.g. /ezxlocal/.my_imsis). Put an IMSI number per line. You can find your IMSI in this file (/ezx_user/download/appwrite/phone/imsi).
2. Create a file .alert_phones in the same dir. Put the numbers you want the sms to be sent to. One phone number per line.
3. Extract the smssender in the download to /mmc/mmca1/bin/. (eg. /mmc/mmca1/SMSALARM/)
4. Extract the imsicheck.sh in the download to any folder on your phone. (eg. /mmc/mmca1/SMSALARM/)
5. Add a line in your autorun.sh (eg. /ezxlocal/autorun.sh) pointing to the sh file in the folder you have extracted to. (eg. /mmc/mmca1/SMSALARM/imsicheck.sh)

Download HERE


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