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Sunday, 18 March 2007

Whitemoto has finally released The One pre-beta 2, based on 48P!

Motorola ROKR E2

• Official Russian langpack from 46Р
• Updated Opera;
• Sms templates (22);
• Lots of media - pictures, rigntones, etc;
• Standart skin Alkali (edited) with SkinModSmall, SkinModMiddle, SkinModZoom, SkinMod [graphics], A1200 (icons);
• Increased volume;
• Charge warning removed from Opera;
• Starts shell scripts sh and lin;
• Opens txt, ini, cfg and others;
• Unpacks zip, rar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, 7z;
• From the file manager some useless stuff is removed. Added: "Ext3 Partition", "System Files" [!read only];
• Engineering menu in settings (EFEM, BP Log Config);
• Games, Programs and Bluetooth in Menu;
• Office Tools: Foto Renamer, Screenshots (3 png by 8 sec intervals), crond, Unmount (unmounts ext3 and swap, from SD card), Restart Phone, Backup Data (contacts, SMS, Radio, Ringtones, Alarms, Bluetooth; iTap.), Full Backup (all files);
• Add mysound.wav in unknown files in order to have custom startup sound
• Put myfont.ttf in unknown files in order to change your phone fonts;
• If you make file .no_notif in home folder you will have silent Empty Battery sound

• Quad Band
• Some Engineering functions enabled

Motorola ROKR E2

• Kernel: ext3 native, fixed bug with 4GB flash cards, normal dmesg;
• Modules ext2, loop;
• Telnet, Samba;
• Autostart with the following paths:
• Updated the bash shell to have colors and updated. You can create own profile using ~/.bashrc;
• Activates SWAP on second SD partition. Create "/ezxlocal/.no_swap" file to disable that
• Mounts third ext3 SD card partition to /ezxlocal/download/mystuff/Ext3Mount. Check our tutorials section on how to partition your SD card
• Tools for creating/extracting/editing (mount -o loop, with module: insmod /lib/modules/loop.o) code groups of cramfs directly on the phone on the ext3 partition;
• hostname = ROKR-E2;
• SMS alarm with smsalarm.txt - anti theft system;
• Lots of tweaks and optimizations on the system;

Console Applications:
• mplayer - videoplayer avi, mpeg, divx, wmv, mov
• mpg321 - MP3 Player
• cramfsck - extracts CRAMFS
• crond - set cron jobs (scheduled taks)
• fbgrab - saves framebuffer in PNG
• fbset - resizes the screen
• hexedit - HEX editor
• init_gprs - activation of GPRS connection
• mc - Midnight Commander file manager
• mkcramfs - crates CRAMFS
• nano - text editor
• top - process manager
• wget - file downloader
• many many others...

Motorola ROKR E2 

• Jimm E2 Edition
• Holidays
• English - Russian translator
• Opera Mini

GPRS profiles:
° MTS (RU)
° Megafon (MSK)
° Megafon
° Beeline (RU)

Email profiles:
° mail.ru
° rambler.ru
° pochta.ru
° pisem.net
° yandex.ru

Motorola ROKR E2 

Default settings:
° Sorts by name
° Saves to phone and sim card together
° Detailed contacts
° Changes Russian rubles to USD on 26,2 coeficient;
Media Player:
° SpatialAudio 3;
° Shows update dialog disabled;
° Shutter disabled
° Autosave enabled
° Resolution highest [1024x1280];
° Quality best
° Display timeout 1 minute
° Home keys left Bluetooth, up Recent Calls, right Messages, down Contacts;
° Voicemail number 600


Big thanks to the following guys:
dimichxp, lucrece, tigo, dion, kryck, portalxxl, ilove3d, команда openezx.org ...
• Supporters:
hobbit19, Darkslider, Xronos, Scottish ...

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