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Thursday, 18 January 2007

Again a new good release of the 46p firmware for Motorola ROKR E2 by ilove3d. Below is the raw description:

telnet welcome screen - made a simple change
only orange and black theme
several good ringtone and pics
didn't change the logo
didn't change the volumetable
didn't add more Equalizer
defaultly not show shortcut icons
defaultly LinkSYS program in settings
silent shutter option
preffer storage area option for messaging
mpkg installation surpport
add ezx to root group
click & * :
run .lin scripts/programs
extract/install .tar.gz .ins .mtf package
extract/install .zip .rar .skin.zip .skin.rar
myfont.ttf (change font)
ui_start_up_mono.wav (change startupsound)
ezx_volumetable.cfg (change volume)
you can put in your own borders to take photo
skin which links to /ezxlocal/download/appwrite/skin
setuptheme which links to /ezxlocal/download/appwrite/setuptheme
/ezxlocal/autorun.txt become the major autostart script
it make the phone surpports the multi function. if you dont need ,you can edit the autorun.txt
if you want autorun.txt back, just delete it and reboot your phone
/ezxlocal/preload~.lin the preload script that run only once when first time start the phone
originally preload.lin, when loaded it will rename to preload~.lin
/ezxloal/MYqtapp which links to /usr/SYSqtapp/MYqtapp
user can add his own script in to it ,and register it to SysRegistry, UserMenuTree, UserMime, so user can add his own click & * functions

Download HERE

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