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Friday, 12 January 2007

Motorola ROKR E2 

- Official Russian langpack from 46Р
- New BootScreen picture
- No Chineese characters in the firmware.
- Removed Help
- Unneeded graphics removed
- Standart black skin with non-animated icons in main menu (for speed)
- Using bash shell in Telnet with new welcome message
- Home directory for root /ezxlocal/home
- Unlocked system logs
- Autostart using the following paths: /ezxlocal/autorun/startup.sh and /mmc/mmca1/autorun/startup.sh)
- Supports txt files (opens them in Opera)
- Executes sh and lin scripts
- ezx_volumetable.cfg by kryck
- Games, Programs and Bluetooth in main menu
- EFEM available in Settings
- New Russian Opera variant
- New SMS templates(22)
- Foto Renamer 1.3 in Programs
- Few minor optimizations in the system

Motorola ROKR E2

- mail.ru
- rambler.ru
- pochta.ru
- pisem.net
- yandex.ru

- MTS (RU)
- Megafon (MSK)
- Megafon
- Beeline (RU)

nano - text editor
top - process manager
uname - system information
ldd - libraries
unrar - rar archiver
unzip - zip archiver

Motorola ROKR E2
* click in order to enlarge

Little lag in the Media Player list

Download the AP sbf file HERE
Download the BP part HERE

And now BIG SPECIAL THANKS TO WHITEMOTO!!! He did not just created this ultimate and perfect MP, but he also released the full source codes! Thanks you for such great contribution in the community - you are THE BEST!
Download the source codes HERE

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