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Saturday, 30 December 2006

A. Creating .MTF skin package:

Create a folder named [folder]. Inside that folder place \skin\[skinname]\*.ini,iconres.ezx and setuptheme\[skinname].chm
* Replace [folder] and [skinname] with the actual names

Copy the [folder] to /ezxlocal in the phone memory and do the following commands:
# cd /ezxlocal
# chown ezx:ezx -R [folder]
# chmod 777 -R [folder]
# cd [folder]
# tar zcvf [skinname].mtf skin setuptheme

Now you have a file [skinname].mtf, which is ready for installing on any Motorola ROKR E2 phone.

B. Installing .MTF skin:

Here you have two options:
- If you have modded firmware that do support installation of .mtf files - directly run it trough your phone file manager
- If you are on stock firmware or firmware that do not support .mtf installation - copy the [skinname].mtf to your SD card and type the following command via telnet:
# tar xzf /mmc/mmca1/[skinname].mtf -C /ezxlocal/download/appwrite

Enjoy the new skin on your Motorola ROKR E2!

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