How to flash Motorola ROKR E2
Tuesday, 17 October 2006

We figured out that the description in the firmware section "Flash using RSD lite" is not enough for newbies, so we decieded to write a unified tutorial for flashing Motorola ROKR E2. Here is what you need to do:

1. Firsr review the flash file. When you unzip the archive usually you will find only two files - one is .shx and one is .sbf file. First you will flash the .shx and then you will flash the .sbf.
2. Turn off your phone. Press the Voice Key + Red Key. You will get the primary bootloader screen. Now start hitting  the voice key multiple times until the bootscreen text changes and you will see the secondary bootloader.
3. Connect your phone, open RSD Lite and flash your phone with the .shx file (in some firmwares there is only one .sbf file - choose it here)
4. After the flash is complete then you can turn your phone into the primary bootloader again and then flash it using RSD lite. Here you may need to follow additional instructions from the firmware post itself (like replacing some .smg files during the flash). However that is optional