Telnet to your E2 with root access
Saturday, 14 October 2006

This is the post that will describe you why Motorola ROKR E2 is the best modding phone made so far. With this guide you will be able to obtain ROOT access to the MontaVista operating system of your GSM.

What you need:
1. A firmware 33p or higher (you need to have USB Net option)
2. The InetD daemon installed on the phone
3. The USB Net Drivers (in case you are connecting for a first time)
3. A Telnet application. Windows usually have one preinstalled

What to do:
1. Switch your phone to "USB Net" connectivity mode and connect it to the PC
2. Install drivers if needed
3. Go to the phone menu and start the InetD application. You will hear sound from the speaker
4. Go to File > Run, type cmd and press OK
5. Type "ipconfig"  and wait until you see list with your network devices. You will find the phone defined as Ethernet adapter and it will have an IP address (usually it is
6. Type "telnet <the ip address>", but remember - the last digit of the IP address has to be increased by 1 (for if the IP is then you will use "telnet").
7. You will see a login prompt asking for username - just type "root" and press enter.
8. You are in the shell! Enjoy the world of MontaVista linux!

Additional tricks: You can also use Internet Explorer to browse your files and upload. Repeat what was done on step 5. and go to the following URL: \\ and you will see the Scheduled Tasks on the phone or \\ to see the sytem files. Of course the IP may vary depending on your computer. Check the step 5 in the previous tutorial.