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EZXCodec - editing of EZX-based cellphones' firmware in Windows environment.

Original topic in Russian: http://forum.motofan.ru/index.php?showtopic=125183
What program can do at the moment:
-extract codegroups from firmware file (*.SBF)
-extract files and folders CramFS from codegroups
-compile CramFS codegroups from files and folders keeping original properties and codegroup size (based on the info, obtained when decompile codegroups)
-compile firmware file from codegroups (based on the info, obtained when decompile firmware)
-extract files from Motoskin (iconres.ezx) file (recognizes and renames GIF, JPEG and PNG picture files, converts "k"-format files to BMP)
-compile Motoskin (iconres.ezx) file from picture files (simply changes GIF, JPEG and PNG files' extension to .g, converts BMP to "k")
-extract and change bootscreen picture in CG39 (known to work with least A1200 and E6)
-script support - it is possible to launch commands from special text files to apply patches replacing, adding or deleting files from CramFS codegroups or from Motoskin (iconres.ezx) files, or editing configuration files in CramFS codegroups

Starting from version 1.0 EZXCodec does not require help of external programs cramfsck.exe and mkcramfs.exe when working with CramFS. You can safely remove "tools" subfolder of EZXCodec's folder, if it exists, file from there won't be used anyway.
Download HERE

Using that software you can easily edit your flexbit.cfg file. Full instructions about usage are included in a PDF file inside the archive

Download HERE

Finally we have things going better and better. This software development kit can help you to make native applications for E2 ROKR (actually it is also for a1200 and e680, since they are the same platform). I won't waste your time with detailed information, since I am not experienced in native programs developments anyway, so please directly check out the readme in the archive and go on!
Download HERE

All credtis for blackhawk!

Discussion in our forums

A new program shared by DDSH for make-up of EZX files. It's still very unstable and may not run properly on every PC. It requires .Net Framework 2.0 installed
Download HERE

Another good new software by Stalker.mg. Using this program you will be able to edit .qm language files
Download HERE

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