This tutorial will help you to bypass the MPEG4 bitrate restriction on Motorola ROKR E8. Big thanks to Clonza for the tutorial and the software. 

1. Obtain "Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate"
2. Configure the settings:
       Video Codec      :  MPEG4
       Video Bitrate      : 650Kbps ~ 1000Kbps
       Video Framerate :  25Fps
       Audio Codec      : mpeg4aac
       Audio Bitrate      : 128Kbps ~  256Kbps  (Please make the total bitrate approx. 1000Kbps)
    And yes, Save your setting.

3. Convert your video!

4. Use my video bitrate patch to make your MP4 files playable on E8(Bypass the restriction). Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above REQUIRED. Download HERE
5. Copy the patched files into your ROKR E8 and ENJOY


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