An easy method by ilove3d to change the fonts of your Motorola ROKR E8 was found on

The ROKR E8 uses True Type Fonts (TTF). This is a famous fonts standard by Apple and it's used widely on all Operating System nowadays. Many True Type Fonts can be found free for download around the web. You may also just copy desired font from your C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder (if you use Windows heh).

Now let's get back to modding. The change of fonts on your Moto is extremely simple, thanks to ilove3d. Please note that you must have telnet enabled firmware:

1. Download the following config file: E8_font_config

2. Find your favourite font and rename the file to myfont.ttf

3. Transfer by FTP myfont.tff into /ezxlocal and medld.conf into /ezxlocal/medl

4. Reboot your phone and enjoy!


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