Note: This article is written at the time when the latest firmware was 02.07R. The procedure may change or better ways can be discovered later. If you are on newer firmware, then better check for newer tutorial/method (if available). 


On the current stage the Motorola ROKR E8 is not yet unlocked to be accessed trough Telnet; however a method of installing skins from the SD card is already available! Thanks to all members, who discovered that. Here is the method:

1. Download the modified CG52 and flash it to your phone. This codegroup is modded to provide you functionality to upload and manage skins from your SD card.

2. Connect the phone in "Memory Card Mode" (so you can read the SD card on your computer) and enter it. Go inside the folder .system (please note that the folder is hidden, so you must enable your windows explorer to see hidden files and folders).

3. Now copy your skins in the following mask: "skin#" where # is the number of the latest skin. For example when you upload your first skin - name the folder "skin1". When you upload your second skin - name it "skin2". For your 50th skin (I hope we will reach that amount soon) - name it "skin50".

4. Unplug your phone and check the "Themes" menu - you should be able to see the new skin. It is recommended to reboot your phone after you change the skin.

You can find skins and themes for download in our Skins and Themes section.