Welcome to our new modding website, dedicated for Motorola ROKR E8 users. It has been a long time since our affiliate www.e398mod.com and www.e2mod.com websites was released and it was time to move on to the next generation - the button-less music monster Motorola E8!

This article is dedicated to stay always on the front page and to warn you a lot. It warns you that all of the content on this website is not for regular users - it is highly dedicated for modders enthusiasts. All files here are spread with educational purpose for people who wish to modify system files of their phones and to make gadjets. Even some articles may look very cool and awesome - they are dangerous! Even if you know what you are doing, by flashing and modding your phone there is always a doze of risk that you can kill it. We do have a community at MotoHell.com ready to help at any time; however such help is not guaranteed by anybody.

The second big warning is about your warranty. If you mod your phone then you most probably loose your warranty. If your dad bought you an expensive phone, then you quickly trash it and you end up with lost warranty - he won't be happy right? So feel warned!

Finally I want to invite everybody to share, share and share again everything (freeware) that he have related to Motorola ROKR E8 in our forums. That will make the community grow much faster. Our forums are located at http://MotoHell.com/. Thank you in advance!