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-Support both 2x5 & 3x5 icon menu
-Multiple Grid & List option for main menu & sub menu
-Support swap & ext 3 file system
-Font, skin, mpkgbox & startup folder in File Manager
- Enabled IM & Google option in office menu
Magicbox from ilove3d.
-New option under applications(Accessories, System settings, server settings, Keypad settings, Startup Apps)
-New Disk Manager to manage Phone Memory & SD card
-Custom Virtual memory setup
-FTP, SAMBA, Telnet, Web server are disabled by default to save power
-Support almost Video format with higher bit rate
- support run & edit for sh, lin script & other necessary ext
- Support autorun apps(Startup sound, Boot Image,Filesystem mont, Grid, GridFolder,List, IconList SVG file for custom user menu, custom font…etc) from Startup folder
-20 Apps in application folder & 12 apps in Java folder
- Apps are in system Memory so user’s space are not occupied by them
-Switch SD card from Audio, Picture, Video..
-Included Two themes(Rokr & CMCC)

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