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Characteristics of Flash:
1. Contains all features included in ilove3d's latest flash .
2. After three years to solve the hellomoto by adding video ring tones after the collapse of choice BUG.(Finally built the perfect).Im not sure if these video ringtones work )
3. Java speed patch (no input box BUG)
4. Java stack of modifications to the 4096 .
5. Long Pig Ya modified black page E8.Little mouth, open your full-screen symbols box ~ ~ ~ carriage return has been .I guess full add symbols . Not sure what this is ..
6. The main menu interface, such as rearrange Not sure what this is .
7. Muslim prayer by default, do not like can be directly closed. (Azaan can be closed which is present )
8. N small settings, your own experience.(Nt Sure)
9. Built mass SMS template.
10. Greatly removed from the help you need to mount a number of things, let you experience the speed of the real journey.

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