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E8 MagicX by ilove3d. all rights reserved.
Find source files in or

thanks to dimichxp's unmagx functions.

and, sorry for my bad English.


flash steps:

1: flash original 02.07R.

2: flash any language pack if you need.

-- if you sure your phone's rest cgs ( except cg52 cg43 ) are 0207r, skip step 1 and 2.

3: flash this firmware ( Magic_X )


after flashed Magic_X, you should do a master reset.

when the phone boots up after master reset, there'll be a vibrate minutes later. ( vibrate tells you magicX files init finished )

after it vibrated, you can reboot your phone.

now your phone is powered with Magic_X.

Note: Magic_X installed about 2mb files in your 2GB phone memory


magic_x not only support mgx files.

running .sh or .lin files just a simple click.

there's ported p7zip, it can handle almost all archive formats by simply clickking too.
(7z zip tar gz bz2 rar cab iso arj z)


customizing font is also easy, just put your 'myfont.ttf' in "Unrecognizable Files" folder (phone/unKnown) and reboot.
(in rokr_dev your replacement won't always effect idle screen font, now magic_x has solved it)


beside the firmware, I provided 2 mgx program for you.

1. phonename, it will change operator name easily
2. snapshot, so taking snapshots easily

both the 2 programs support multi-language by language file
you can find installed mgx applications in phone/mpkgbox or TF/mpkgbox


usb tools / usb modem & tools mode, connect to pc and open command line, typing telnet
root password is empty

usb tools / usb modem & tools mode, connect to pc, connect with any ftp client
hidden files are visable


I don't talk about how to flash your phone and how to install skins.
Find tuorials in or


========= if you know nothing below, just forget them =========

boot up scripts:

/mmc/mmca1/first.txt ( TF/first.txt ) will save your dead font changing. just write the content in that file:

 mv /mmc/movinand1/unKnown/myfont.ttf /mmc/movinand1/unKnown/myfont.ttf~

there're also other path supports scripts: ( starts later than first.txt )

phone/unKnown/S??* ( like linux start scripts )


more custom language file?

check files in /mmc/movinand1/.mpkgbox/


.mgx applications format:

 .mgx ( zip format )/
                                        {any other file or directory you used}

   mgx cfg file format:

         Name = {application name}
         Exec = {the executable file}
         Icon = {48x48 png icon file}
         Author = {author name}
         Version = {version}
         Comment = {anything else you want to write}


Download HERE


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