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The new beta firmware by ilove3d contains::

1. All unmagx functions (basic ftp telnet and remount exec)

2. Click & play:
     .lin .sh programs
     plain text files ( .txt .c .cpp .h .hh .java .cfg .conf )

3. Easy changing fonts:
     unKnown/myfont.ttf and mynum.ttf

4. Start up scripts:

Flashing steps:

1. 02.07R stock sbf (if you sure your rest CGs' version is this, skip)

2. Flash this sbf (ilove3d rokr_dev.)

3. Flash your prefer langpack (if you use Chinese or English, skip that step)


After the flash steps please do:

1. Go to Main menu -> Settings -> phone settings -> reset -> delete all data
  (password is 000000)

2. After the phone reboots, wait for the screen goes blank after screensaver. Shutdown your phone, and then power on

3. After step 2, your phone is working property on new firmware now.


Download HERE


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