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Thanks again to martincz for his second Monster Pack for Motorola ROKR E8! Special credits for the users 3D and sybx for their help in the development.

The Monster Pack is based on the R6713_G_71.02.07R firmware from motofan with telnet and FTP enabled. The modifications are many; however I was able to translate few of them:
- Address Book is sorted by first name. The comma in the middle is removed.
- Bluetooth time is set to 5 minutes.
- All usless stock java applications are removed.
- Silent camera shot.
- Minimum of 7 contacts on match.
- Overal very good speed increase for the whole firmware!
- Optimized SysRegistry in order to gain additional speed.
- Skins can be installed both on SD and phone memory.
- Removed Active Line 1 and 2, since they have no use.

Additionally we attach E8 Logo flash by yan0.

Credits for the Russian modders at for the Telnet and FTP firmware!
Credits for ilove3d and DIMICHXP for E8snap software.
Big thanks to ilove3d for the Custom fonts tutorial

Download HERE

Monster Pack ad logo:

Motorola ROKR E8


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