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Thursday, 21 August 2008
4ep and Ripz from Motofan.ru worked hard to make Qtopia to work on E2. The following thread is just a raw translation from Russian and do not guarantee correctness.

In order to make Qtopia working on Motorola ROKR E2 you need to make few special mods.
1. Download the QFiles5.zip down in this topic.
2. Start the scripts with the USB connection with the computer because on the E2 screen the font will be too small.
3. Make sure that you have a lot of free disk space on your flash card (recommended >300MB!). Also please enable swap for much more speed increase.
4. Put hwtool from QFiles5.zip into the root (/) folder of your flash card. It's needed for work with Bluetooth.
5. Load ext2.o if not pre-added in your firmware (execute the following command if ext2.o is in the root folder of the flash card):
# insmod /mmc/mmca1/ext2.o
5+. Load loop.o if it is not already added in your firmware:
# insmod /mmc/mmca1/loop.o
6. Create Qtopia folder in ezxlocal:
# mkdir /ezxlocal/Qtopia
7. Mount the image qtopia.img (place it again in the root folder of your flash card):
# mount -o loop -t ext2 /mmc/mmca1/qtopia.img /ezxlocal/Qtopia
8. Replace the file defaultbuttons.conf from into /Qtopia/etc/
9. Execute start.sh:
# sh /mmc/mmca1/start.sh
10. It should work :)
Download HERE

10x to Darkslider for explaining and help with translating and creating this manual

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