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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Using DosBox you are able to run Dos applications on ROKR E2. Sadly the MPKG port is for E6 and requires touchscreen, but we are currently working on key remapping.

Here is the current keymapping:
Joystick Left = Up
Joystick Right = Down
Joystick Up = Right
Joystick Down = Left
OK key (when you press the joystick) = Enter
Play/Play Button = Space
Next Button = Ctrl
Prev Button = Esc
Volume - = Shift
Volume + = Alt

Here is how to install:

1.  Download DOSbox program HERE. Install it on your PC

2. Download DOSbox mpkg HERE. Install it on your phone. Give it root permissions

3. Continue further with the installation instructions at our forums: http://motohell.com/index.php?topic=1380.0

Note: The discussed installation of Windows 3.11 is copyrighted by Microsoft and it is not free software... If you cannot find it - you can start different programs using autoexec.bat (until the mpkg is updated with writing compatibility)

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